About Rina

Rina is a multi award winning photographer based in Gibraltar, although originally from Scotland. She loves nothing more than to walk the streets and alleyways of Gibraltar, eyes alert, camera in hand and ever-ready, to capture that moment in time of a magical vision that truly reflects the character and beauty to be found throughout Gibraltar.
These images are available in A5 - A4 - A3 - A2 print sizes

Rina's images are also available at her gallery style shop, 9 Convent Place, Ocean Village on Sunday's, Casemates square on Saturday's, and Gibraltar museum. or through website, as mounted prints, clocks, coasters, magnets etc. All photographed and printed here in Gibraltar, by herself.

Rina took part in an eight part television series, which followed 5 photographers across Morocco, through the Atlas Mountains and into the Sahara Desert.
Link to series can be found under the links section

Gibraltar Magazine did an article on Rina, which was in December 2018 issue, and can be found also in Links section

New Images are continually being added weekly.