About Rina

Rina is a multi award winning photographer in Gibraltar, and in the UK, she has such a passion for photography, mainly Flora, Landscapes and The Heritage of Gibraltar. Rina enjoys walking through the streets and alleys of Gibraltar, and all through the Upper Rock Nature Reserve off road areas, she finds it amazing and relaxing wandering through the nature reserve, among the flora and fauna, finding beautiful things to photograph. Rina also loves giving a different take on her images, by adding many textures and tones to them. She also digitally paints them
Rina also feels there is as much beauty in the death of a flower, as in the living flower, and asks one to take time one day, and look, instead of being so quick to disregard them.
You will find an array of different types of photography in her galleries.
Rina's images are also available in Gibraltar Heritage Trust, Ocean Village on Sunday's, Casemates square on Saturday's, and Gibraltar museum. or through website, as mounted prints, clocks, mugs, coasters, magnets etc. All photographed and printed here in Gibraltar, by herself
Not all of Rinas images are on website, as of yet, as still a work in progress

Rina loves black and white photography, and also uses film.
She has a collection also of images photographed by using motion, one of her main passions

Rina also took part in an eight part television series, which followed 5 photographers across Morocco, through the Atlas Mountains and into the Sahara Desert.
Link to series can be found under the links section

Gibraltar Magazine, did an article on Rina, which was in December 2018 issue, and can be found also in Links section

Rina was awarded 1st prize in the photographic section of The Spring Visual Arts competition 2019